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Community Representation

The ERA is a member of the Federation of Cambridge Residents’ Associations and represents Eddington residents in groups and committees locally and city-wide.

Portal Estate Management

Meets quarterly| next meeting: 2024-06-11| organisation website

We meet with members of Portal’s team to discuss operational matters. We bring up common or long-standing issues and ask for timely solutions.

Previous meetings and minutes:
19th March 2024, 12th December 2023,  12th September 2023,  13th June 2023,  14th March 2023,  13th December 2022,  18th October 2022,  14th June 2022,  8th March 2022,  14th December 2021,  9th November 2021,  8th June 2021,  21st March 2021,  8th December 2020,  8th September 2020,  9th June 2020,  10th March 2020, 

Portal Board

Meets twice yearly| next meeting: TBD| organisation website

We are permitted to attend the first section of Portal’s Board meeting to give a resident’s viewpoint on more strategic and policy-related issues.

Previous meetings (minutes are not yet made public):
4th December 2023, 23rd January 2023,

North West Cambridge Development Community Group

Meets twice yearly, nearly| next meeting: TBD| organisation website

We hear updates from stakeholders across the wider North West developments including University of Cambridge & development partners, Darwin Green developers, and city, county, district and parish councillors.

Previous meetings and minutes:
21st November 2023,  6th September 2022,  15th November 2021,  17th September 2020,  11th February 2020, 

North West & West Cambridge Community Forum

Meets quarterly| next meeting: TBD| organisation website

All residents are welcome to attend a council-run meeting involving representatives from the University, planners, developers and councillors in our area of Cambridge. The meetings are often recorded - videos and presentations are available through the council website.

Previous meetings and minutes:
13th February 2024, 2nd November 2023, 14th June 2023, 1st March 2023, 10th November 2022, 20th July 2022,

Transport Stakeholder Group

Meets quarterly| next meeting: 2024-05-09

A meeting to discuss issues around transportation including buses; electric scooters; the car club; Madingley Park and Ride; Outspoken Cycles (Borrow-a-bike, Dr Bike services); traffic and crossings. Representatives from the University’s Transport team attend along with reps from Girton College, the PostDoc Academy, Whippet Buses and others.

Previous meetings (minutes are not yet made public):
18th May 2023, 9th February 2023, 3rd November 2021, 28th July 2021, 20th April 2021, 18th January 2021,

Huntingdon Road Surgery Patient Group

Inactive| next meeting: TBD| organisation website

Temporarily suspended working group for patients of Huntingdon Road Surgery, which remains at the time of writing the local doctor’s surgery for Eddington residents.

Previous meetings and minutes:
1st May 2022, 9th November 2021, 7th September 2021,