Eddington drone shot from the north - Felipe Franciosi

Health and Safety Policy

The Eddington Residents Association (ERA) understands its duty of care to ensure the safety of those who volunteer or use our services. The ERA is a small association that is run by volunteers. It has been established for the public benefit of people living in Eddington within Cambridge City.

Our policy is to ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that our activities are carried out safely and do not pose a risk to the health of our volunteers and others who may use our services and/or attend our events. ERA accepts its overall responsibilities. The Health and Safety Officer has responsibility for this policy and its implementation.

Health and safety matters will be kept under regular review; the policy will be amended if we believe that it is no longer valid. This policy should be read alongside the guidelines provided to volunteers and which they agree to implement.

It is the duty of each volunteer to exercise personal responsibility for their safety and that of others. We will try to ensure that everyone involved with ERA plays his or her part in implementing the policy to promote a positive safety culture.

Volunteers will be given the relevant information and instruction before working with us and checks made to ensure that their activities do not cause harm to anyone. We will establish good reporting procedures, maintain records and act on significant findings.

Health and Safety issues may be raised by email to info@eddingtonra.org.