Eddington drone shot from the north - Felipe Franciosi

Our Annual General Meeting 2024

This page is now archived see the AGM summary to find out what happened.

Thursday 11th April 2024| 6pm at Storey’s Field Centre| immediately following Portal’s Residents Forum

Each year we meet to take stock of the previous twelve months and set a course for the year to come. All residents are encouraged to attend, to ask questions about what we do and to find out how to get involved.

The ERA only exists because a group of residents decided to set it up. It only continues because a handful of local volunteers want to do something for the community. And it will only endure if Eddington residents give their time to keep the gears turning.

Why are we doing this?

An active and representative residents association can help the University deliver on the promise of Eddington without compromising the peace and enjoyment of current residents. We live in a new, wonderful and peculiar place - and one that still has much growing to do. Keeping residents informed about its present and involved in its future is a worthy cause.

What you can do

If you can’t attend