Eddington Residents' Association

Representing residents of the North West Cambridge Development at Eddington
    Eddington Residents' Association strives to build a vibrant community bringing together the wide variety of residents from all over the World that call Eddington their home.
    It is the Association's aspiration to support residents in making the most of their time living in Eddington by organising social events.
    The Association wants to help residents connect with neighbours and the wider Cambridge communities, creating a welcoming atmosphere to newcomers.
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Our Logo

Our logo is designed by fellow resident Monica Osorio. 

Inspired by ERA’s strong sense of community, the logo illustrates the most iconic places where Eddington’s residents gather and socialise such as: Storey’s Field Centre, Market Square, and Brook Leys. These illustrations are strategically placed forming a modern, geometric letter ‘E’ that not only resembles Eddington’s architectural style, but also shows that by joining the different abilities and efforts of Eddington’s residents (different pieces of the logo), a vibrant and welcoming community can be built (the ‘E’ for Eddington).


The Association was founded in September 2019 by a group of residents supported by Cambridge City Council. The first Annual General Meeting was held on 26 November 2020.

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Eddington is named after the English astronomer, physicist, and mathematician Sir Arthur Eddington (1882–1944).

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Supported by Cambridge City Council community grants.