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Routes Around Eddington (Archived)

There are many beautiful walking, cycling and running routes around Eddington. On this page we list some of our favourite routes, so that you could try these out yourself!

Coton Countryside Reserve Walk

Walking/(trail)running route of 5.8 km/3.6 miles (download GPX file).
This route takes you through the West Cambridge Site, from where you will head towards Coton. Before crossing the M11, the route takes you into the fields of the Coton Countryside Reserve. All trails are publicly accessible, some are off-road and can be muddy.

Moor Barns Farm Walk

Walking/(trail)running route of 8.8 km/5.5 miles (download GPX file). This route takes you towards Huntingdon Road before turning left into a farm road which later turns into a trail. You can then either walk through the American Cemetery or take the trail next to it that leads up to Madingley Road. A subsequent trail leads over the hill to Coton, from which the route takes you past the Coton playing field back to Eddington.

Coton Out and Back Cycle Route

Cycle route of 4.7 km/2.9 miles (download GPX file).
This route goes south from Eddington and over the motorway footbridge to Coton and back. It’s entirely on a cycle track, so there’s no contact with cars at all (although some cycle tracks are beside the road).
In Coton, there’s a nice, wee playing field there which could be a good destination for families with young children.

Coton Loop Cycle Route

Cycle route of 4.7 km/2.9 miles (download GPX file).
This route partly follows the ‘Coton Out and Back’ route, but joins Madingley Road at Coton. It shares the road up the hill to Coton and past the garden centre on Cambridge Road.
The garden centre could be a nice place to stop for a snack with young children.

Guided Bus Cycle Track Out and Back

Cycling route of 10 km/6.2 miles (download GPX file).

The first part of this cycle route is on the road. The road is pretty quiet in the evenings and at weekends, but also doable the rest of the time.

The route goes out through Girton and onto a footpath that goes to the cycle track for the guided busway. It’s about 5km to get there. At that point you could turn back, cycle towards Cambridge along the busway cycle track, or extend your route along the busway towards St Ives.

The busway is wide and completely separate from cars. It can be pretty busy with cyclists, walkers, and runners so parents would need to keep an eye on their children.

Bar Hill Cycle Route

Cycle route of 16.5km/10 miles (download GPX file)

This route uses two great new 4m wide bridleways opened in 2020/21. It is a long but easy route with gentle elevation changes. On weekdays there is usually a coffee van on west side of the Bar Hill bridge (km marker 8). Unfortunately like many newly built cycle routes, the start and end do not yet join up well with existing paths.

At the Cambridge end avoid using the busy A1307 Huntingdon Road (km 1-2) because of the busy 40 mph section with a traffic island pinch point, this is easily avoided using the shared cycle/footpath on the north side. At the Bar Hill end, two quiet routes from the bridleway are shown (km 8-10).