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Eddington Residents' Association

Come along to the Eddington Board Games night, discover the magical world of games, reignite your compatitive spark and join in the fun!
Jointly organised by the Eddington Resident's Association and PdOC.
Do you love board games? Are you a fan of competitive and/or cooperative games? Did you recently buy a new game and do you desperately want to give it a try? Or, do you just want to get to know fellow residents and learn some new games you never played before? If so, Eddington Board Games is for you!

Eddington Board Games is organised every second Tuesday of the month at Storeys Field Centre. We start with some light and quick games at 7 pm and begin some longer games around 8 pm.
Feel free to bring your own games (if you have some). And all levels are welcome including complete novices. We happily go over the rules before we get started!