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  3. Wednesday, 10 February 2021
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Good Afternoon,

I've been a resident in Eddington since October 2019. We've continuously experienced hot water issues (especially when running a bath) not only with the efficacy of the system but with the cost of the energy as well. I've sent various e-mails over the last year to the developer, who to their credit, has always followed up. The issues have been addressed but not fixed. I'm currently arranging a meeting with the Developer, the energy supplier and a representative from the University to discuss the above. I'd like to reach out to the community to see if there's anybody else that has similar issues or concerns. It would be prudent for the homeowners/residents to raise these as a collective.

I look forward to any response from the community.
Steve Carey
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Hi Charles,

I've heard concerns about heat billing for the private apartments. I wonder if your meter has has been set up correctly (a Sharky type 775)? It's early days, I've only just started to look into this but I wonder the meter has been installed and setup correctly.

Everything here is written in good faith but I could be completely wrong!

I live in a key worker apartment but most Eddington apartments are built to Code for Sustainable Homes Level 5, therefore I would expect two bedroom apartment insulation quality and heating costs to be similar. Here are plots of heat usage and costs for the past 2.5 years to help judge if your bills are reasonable.




  1. Key worker apartment residents do not pay a standing charge (because the landlord normally pays for heating equipment).
  2. The dates are 'invoice dates' shown on each bill.
  3. Unit rates (per kW/h) were 6.5p for the first 13 months, 7p thereafter (excluding 5%VAT).
  4. The beginning of this year was exceptionally cold, hence the large rise at the end.

Some info on metering and regulations: heat networks (metering and billing).
See also the section on regulation and consumer protection, industry-led initiatives to improve consumer protections and technical standards, although I don't think Core Heating have yet joined an industry body, again I could be wrong.

Energy use for rented apartments can be estimated from the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC). These certificates are public records. Look for 'Primary Energy Use' (a measure of the energy required for lighting, heating and hot water in a property) it will give the floor area of the apartment and energy use per year in kWh/m2.

I hope this helps.
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  1. https://find-energy-certificate.digital.communities.gov.uk/
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