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  3. Thursday, 09 April 2020
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Ecar is the official Car Club for the Eddington estate.

In today's residents newsletter, Portal stated:
"E-Car Club are temporarily suspending public access to the E-Car fleet at Eddington which took effect from April 1."

We still need vehicles for essential journeys, e.g. student accommodation moves but there is an alternative car club.

From 9 August 2019, Enterprise Car Club became the official car club provider on behalf of Cambridgeshire County Council and Cambridge City Council. On 21 March 2020 Enterprise Car Club announced they will continue to accept bookings using a new procedure: "to allow for cleaning between each rental."

I hope this information is useful for anyone concerned about car access.
Steve Carey
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I raised the issue of the Ecar closure and alternatives with the NWCD travel team and Sara kindly replied that the closure is out of the control of the university. Sara added: "E-car have been very successful in Eddington, we monitor usage monthly and membership and usage continues to grow. Feedback from Eddington residents and users across the University and wider community is always welcome and we encourage people to submit comments to us via our email to enable future improvements and suggestions to the offer."

The satisfaction with Ecar means no one has discovered the hard way Ecar had a £750 damage excess (now £500 for over 21s) and Ecar offer no CDW policy to reduce this.

Sara also pointed out there is an alternative; Zipcar. While Zipcar lost their council controlled parking spaces last year, they still operate a few vehicles in Cambridge on university land. One Zipcar is on the West Cambridge site near the West Cafe and is currently still available for "essential journeys".

Zipcar & Covid-19
Enterprise CarClub & Covid-19

I hope this helps for anyone stuck for a vehicle during the lockdown.
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