Eddie's Cafe Valentine Special

What is 'love actually'? Find out at Eddie's Cafe Valentine Special on Sunday 9th February from 10am to 11:30am at The University of Cambridge Primary School in Eddington. It’s a family-friendly version of Eddie's Cafe - where you will also find music, crafts, activities and Eddie's Cafe's famous cakes and refreshments!

Mobile Library Trial

A Mobile library will be at Eddington Place (opposite Storey's Field Centre) on the third Friday of every month 11-12. This is a three-month trial starting in December 2019. This could become long term if 3-4 families use the library.

Join us!


Market Square choir

Christmas Carols at Eddington

Eddington was treated to an evening of superbly performed Christmas Carols. Approximately 25 Choristers from the New Communities in NW Cambridge joined with choir member from the Mathematics Department to perform in our Market Square before moving to the Storey's Field community centre. Reverberations from apartments around the square helped to make a great sound stage and the fine voices were heard across central Eddington.



Official Launch

Official Launch

The Association's official launch!

The I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas event was held at the Storey's Field Community Center on Saturday 14th December, 11am - 3pm. A free event to help celebrate Christmas in a more environmentally friendly way. Featuring a Christmas market with stalls selling eco-friendly products, plus arts and crafts, a toy swap, activities for children and refreshments available all afternoon.

Also present were members of the Eddington Resident's Association committee - the association has officially launched! Although as many know, committee members have been working hard organising events over the past two years.


The Association was founded in September 2019 by a group of residents supported by Cambridge City Council. The first Annual General Meeting was held on 26 November 2020.

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Eddington is named after the English astronomer, physicist, and mathematician Sir Arthur Eddington (1882–1944).

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