Eddington Cookbook #1 Home-made bread

Eddington Cookbook #1 Home-made bread

Home-made bread

You may have guessed it by now, but in case it wasn’t clear I will let you in on the secret: I love to cook. For most of my adult years I have been cooking my own food, which brings great joy to me. However, when I moved to Eddington, I thought I would love to share this joy with other people and as a bonus get to know my neighbours. So in April 2019 I started the Eddington Eats community restaurant. Little did I know that cooking for groups of people is a completely different experience than cooking for myself.

Eddington Bear Hunt

Looking for something to keep your little ones busy during your one walk a day? Why not go on a Bear Hunt in Eddington?
Inspired by the popular children’s book ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ by Rosen and Oxenbury, people around the world are ‘hiding’ bears in their windows.
The bears are meant to cheer up young children and their parents who are being kept indoors.
Below is a map of the bears currently spotted around Eddington. Do you have one in your window as well, which is not on our map yet, let us know…
Call for recipes!

Call for recipes!

Eddington Eats is moving online!


Dear neighbours,

I hope you are all safe and well inside, whether you are still in Eddington or staying with family elsewhere. My thoughts are with you. During these times it’s crucial to maintain our distance from others to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 and sadly that means that the Eddington Eats community dinner has been cancelled for the foreseeable future.

Good neighbours

[Updated 2 April 2020]

The West Cambridge community are collaborating and helping one another in the difficult times of the current pandemic.

A noticeboard outside Sainsburys, Eddington, offered help with grocery shopping, picking up necessities, walking the dog, 'a friendly chat and more' with the contact details of Hope Bretscher and David Palecek.

David, 32, who is a researcher at the University of Cambridge said "I saw the numbers related to the coronavirus and I thought that it would be really important to offer help specifically to older people."

They have currently helped a 63-year-old man living in Eddington who has displayed mild symptoms of Coronavirus.

[Keep Calm sign]

Help and Support

[updated 2 April 2020]

We are grateful for the person-to-person support already offered by local volunteers and also for the advice and suggestions coming in by e-mail.

There is a Castle Ward Covid-19 community support group being setup with support from Cambridge City Council. The lead community group for Castle Ward is the Benson Residents' Association, who are already well-established, with the Eddington Residents' Association as an sub-admin group.

It is the intention that people self isolating will be supported by their community and sheltered (vulnerable) people will be supported by county council services. The council will vet volunteers and is providing funding for expenditure such as insurance. With the council's support, this will help us follow best practice.

Their is still a lot to organise, meanwhile the following council page has further information on city wide volunteer support:

Eddington Eats - 4 March

Eddington Eats Wednesday 4 March

Another popular Eddington Eats was held last Wednesday. Thank you very much Lis, our head cook and team of volunteers for this North-African lentil soup and salad.

Eddington Eats is a monthly pop-up community restaurant at Storey’s Field Centre. By neighbours for neighbours; a group of volunteers get together to cook a healthy, delicious dish every month to share and create an evening for Eddington residents to eat and meet. Our aim is to share the joy of cooking and good food, and to combat isolation and loneliness. The restaurant serves dishes from varying cuisines, using recipes suggested by fellow residents who wish to participate and share their food culture. Forget about doing the dishes and enjoy a fun, cosy evening with great food and conversation!

Cambridge Science Festival 2020


Cambridge Science Festival 2020

Tickets are available now!

See the calendar for March in the Events tab for a list of the festival events being held in Eddington and links to book tickets.

Thursday, 12 March comedy events:

Eddington residents get a special ticket deal and can see both comedians for £7.78 – book this in person at the Storey’s Field Centre only.

Cantab Health Meeting

On 27 February a 'Cantab Integrated Community' workshop was held at the Storey's Field Centre.


"The Cantab Integrated Neighbourhood aims to improve the health and wellbeing of its population of nearly 50,000 people. It will bring together a multidisciplinary team of individuals and organisations to deliver proactive person-centred care in a way that is collaborative and seamless for the population it serves and the staff involved."

This is a new initiative (July 2019) where local GP practices join together to better share resources and harness the voluntary sectors, including community groups.

Patisserie update

Coming to Eddington...

Dulcedo Patisserie is in negotiation to open in Eddington. This will be a very welcome addition to our community.

Dulcedo, currently in Hills Road, was featured 'Independent of the Month' in Cambridge Edition February 2020. In the article proprietor Andrew Hunter stated; "Currently, there isn’t a restaurant in Eddington, other than a nearby Beefeater, so Andrew and Joanna are hoping Dulcedo will be a welcome addition to the growing community in this part of Cambridge." Andrew: You don't have to worry, you you will be very welcome by Eddington residents and we can't wait for you to open here.


The Association was founded in September 2019 by a group of residents supported by Cambridge City Council. The first Annual General Meeting was held on 26 November 2020.

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Eddington is named after the English astronomer, physicist, and mathematician Sir Arthur Eddington (1882–1944).

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