Letter to Vice-Chancellor

The ERA is representing neighbours in different committees and groups addressing common issues and concerns affecting our neighbours (see our representation page). This has lead to changes in how the estate management company is operating, has increased the resident consultations, etc.
However, we are aware that a lot of issues still persist. Hence, we would like to point neighbours to a neighbour-driven initiative which is currently undertaken to send a letter to the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Cambridge raising awareness.

Eddington Picnic

On Saturday the 12th of June the Eddington Residents Association is organising a picnic for the residents of Eddington.
We will start around 11am at Brook Leys (barbecue area next to the lake). All residents of Eddington and their family are welcome to join!

Please bring your own drinks/snacks.

Coton footpath and bridleway closed

Coton Path Re-opened

Update: the Coton path and footbridge are open!

The re-opening originally scheduled for 18 December was delayed due to unforeseen requirements to strengthen the embankment. The path re-opened at approximately 4pm on Friday 16 April 2021 (for details see the update section at the end).

The Coton path and bridleway is a popular route over the M11 between the West Cambridge site and Coton village for walkers and cyclists. Local resident's received a newsletter from Highways England last October stating maintenance of the M11 bridleway bridge would be completed on Friday 11 December 2020.

Eddington Speedwatch

Residents are concerned about the increasing traffic in and around Eddington, especially near the primary school. On behalf of Axel Zeitler, who runs Speedwatch in Eddington, we are therefore calling for volunteers for the Community Speedwatch scheme, in which local residents actively get involved in monitoring the speed of vehicles travelling through Eddington.

Huntingdon Road Surgery Patient Group

Huntingdon Road Surgery Patient Group

The Huntingdon Road Surgery (HRS) is calling for local volunteers to assist with vaccinations.

The HRS Patient Group met on 26 March to discuss what patients think about services and to establish their priorities, the ERA is also represented in this group.

Practice staff reported the vaccination process has been very smooth and shortage of parking space is not a problem. The practice is working hard to vaccinate the whole patient community but more volunteers are needed. Phase 1 (cohorts 1 - 9) are starting to receive their second doses, vaccinations for the over-40s will start in May.

Abandoned Trolleys

Trolley Quest

Members of the ERA committee went on a quest to rescue abandoned supermarket trolleys from around the Eddington estate. In line with COVID restrictions, six members split into three pairs and collected 27 trolleys over a one hour search.

The ERA is aware some residents are concerned about abandoned trolleys. One resident posted on Facebook, "When we walk around Eddington we see trolleys everywhere and sometimes wonder if there are any left at their rightful place."

ERA Online Christmas Party (2020)

The Eddington Residents’ Association, in collaboration with Portal, is organizing an online Christmas Party on Tuesday 15 December 2020 at 7 pm! All residents are welcome to join in for a festive celebration.

ERA – Annual General Meeting – 26 Nov 2020

The first Annual General Meeting for the Eddington Residents’ Association will be held on 26 November 2020 at 7 pm. The meeting will take place over Zoom.

Eddington topic of A-level and GCSE research projects

The sustainable nature of the Eddington development does not only spark interest amongst professional bodies (see the many awards Eddington has won so far for architecture, etc.) but also amongst schools and pupils. A growing number of students are using Eddington as a research topic in their courses or final year projects. The ERA is regularly receiving questions to advertise questionnaires, provide input, etc. and we are happy to help.

Please find below the most current requests we received. If you are willing to help out, feel free to click the links and fill out the surveys.


The Association was founded in September 2019 by a group of residents supported by Cambridge City Council. The first Annual General Meeting was held on 26 November 2020.

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Eddington is named after the English astronomer, physicist, and mathematician Sir Arthur Eddington (1882–1944).

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