Wileman Way Fire

Wileman Way Fire

Roof terrace fire

At four in the afternoon on Wednesday, May 20, firefighters attended a roof terrace fire in Wileman Way.

Residents of the Key Worker apartment block expressed surprise in the residents' Facebook group that they weren't evacuated. The Cambridgeshire Fire and Rescue service has said: "The fire was contained to a flower container on a roof terrace and the cause was believed to be a discarded cigarette.

"There was no evacuation, as the fire was relatively small and did not pose any significant risk to residents."

Residents in other apartment blocks expressed concern about whether final exit doors would unlock in the event of a fire, following failures of electrically operated doors earlier this year.

The Eddington Residence Association asked Portal, the estate management company, about safety standards and testing information.

In response, Portal has said: "Health and safety is a priority for us and we want all Eddington residents to be reassured that we are doing everything necessary keep our premises in a safe condition."

This did not answer the request for safety standard details nor for a copy of building fire risk assessments.

  "The electronic access system has a circuit test which continuously checks that there are no electronics faults on the system and immediately provides an alert if an electronic fault, such as a problem with the fail open system, is found"

They have advised visiting their website for further information (resident login required), and assured residents that they are compliant with fire safety requirements.

Some residents also expressed surprise that the main building alarm did not sound. Each Key Worker apartment has a 'Fire Evacuation Plan' notice on the back of, or near, the front door.

The first fire action instruction in the example below is: "1. Operate the nearest fire alarm." An apartment internal fire alarm will not necessarily trigger the building alarm but requires someone to operate a building fire alarm on the exit route.

Typical fire evacuation plan notice.

Note each building will have it's own plan which may differ from this example. The Portal Home User Guide instructs residents that in the event of fire: "Please note that any instructions from the emergency services take priority over this information."

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