Huntingdon Road Surgery Patient Group

Huntingdon Road Surgery Patient Group

The Huntingdon Road Surgery (HRS) is calling for local volunteers to assist with vaccinations.

The HRS Patient Group met on 26 March to discuss what patients think about services and to establish their priorities, the ERA is also represented in this group.

Practice staff reported the vaccination process has been very smooth and shortage of parking space is not a problem. The practice is working hard to vaccinate the whole patient community but more volunteers are needed. Phase 1 (cohorts 1 - 9) are starting to receive their second doses, vaccinations for the over-40s will start in May.

The process is logistically complicated as deliveries arrive at six days notice and must be used up in two days. Six clinicians administer the vaccines helped by volunteers but more are needed. The roles include marshalling in the car park and building to administration in the vaccination rooms. All volunteers are given a COVID vaccination before starting their role. Shifts are a half-day; 8am to 1pm, or 1pm to 6pm.

If you are interested please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The HRS Patient Group wishes to know what patients think of the practice services. We put a questionnaire together which takes less than 3 minutes to complete. Your answers and opinions will be brought to the HRS and discussed with them in our next meeting. The HRS group thanks all Eddington Residents in advance for your participation and valuable input to improve their service. The link to the questionnaire can be found here: HRS patient survey

The group is also seeking more patient representatives and especially want to reach out to under-represented members of the community. Please email the patient group (address above) for more information.


The Huntingdon Road Surgery is the General Practitioner practice (also known as 'family doctor' or 'primary care physician' in North America) covering Eddington.

Patient participation groups (PPG) have been a contractual requirement for all English practices since 2016. Their aim is to:

  • develop a partnership with patients
  • discover what a range of patients think about services and to establish their priorities
  • provide a platform to test and modify ideas and plans.


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