Eddington topic of A-level and GCSE research projects

The sustainable nature of the Eddington development does not only spark interest amongst professional bodies (see the many awards Eddington has won so far for architecture, etc.) but also amongst schools and pupils. A growing number of students are using Eddington as a research topic in their courses or final year projects. The ERA is regularly receiving questions to advertise questionnaires, provide input, etc. and we are happy to help.

Please find below the most current requests we received. If you are willing to help out, feel free to click the links and fill out the surveys.


ERA is not responsible for and has not scrutinized the content of these surveys/questionnaires. Hence, we cannot guarantee the data is handled in full compliance with current GDPR regulations. Neighbours are advised to read the statements and disclaimers of the individual surveys/questionnaires before deciding to provide their input.

I am investigating the sustainability of Eddington as part of my geography A-level. I would really appreciate it if you could publish this short survey for residents, or so that anyone else that wants to can fill in (it is anonymous). The survey is very short and I would be very grateful for any data or feedback that I can collect.
The link for the survey is below.
Many Thanks. 




I'm a sixth form geographer researching life, community and sustainability in Eddington to gauge the success (so far) of its placemaking process. I'm really interested in finding out how well Eddington works for everyone and really hope to get the most representative data possible. 

Thank you,



Dear Eddington residents association, 

I am a geography student at Hills Road sixth form and over the summer I have to collect some data for my course work. For my project, I am investigating to what extent Eddington was an environmentally sustainable development. Due to COVID-19 I have decided to create an online survey for my project. It would be really helpful for my project if some residents could fill out my survey it will only take 3-5 minutes. Or even if a couple of people who work for the resident association could complete the survey it will help my project greatly. 

Here is the link to the survey: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdHKrKyKIsYpmtkcsHv4yW5ztSdqVA8J0SDamtUf8xjTJs_Dg/viewform?usp=sf_link

Thank you very much for your help. 

Yours faithful, 


Hi there,

Would anyone be willing to help me with my A level Geography survey about people who use Eddington facilities? It's very short, just a few yes or no questions, and totally anonymous. Any help very much appreciated. Link below.




I am currently carry out a research project for my geography a-level and I am looking into the place perception of Eddington and was wondering if I could share my survey on this website please,


Thank you,


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